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What Is A Twult?

What Is A Twult

A Twult is a word we have made up to be honest! It represents what we were looking for to describe the Suffolk days promotions bassed on an adult Tweet!

Made up perhaps but we have a definition for the name ouselves: twult_n 'the act of informing people over a prolonged period, allowing locals and visitors adequate time to plan activities with all relevant information available to them’.

When we were looking for a theme for our website we looked at the Twitter model and felt that it was not doing everything clients needed from a promotion. We are a big fan of Twitter and very active with our motto being “Promoting Suffolk For Suffolk”, we have a growing band of followers and you will see us promoting all the time focusing promoting the Twults on our website or re-tweeting when we see something we thing our followers would be interested in. you can follows us @suffolkdays Now back to the reason for this page! What is a Twult?

You will have heard of a Tweet. Well, it a mature version with backup supporting information and it sticks around much longer!! The good news about Twults is they cost nothing. A Twult is a promotion for anything, it must have an end date and something to promote. We will take promotion from body as long as it is promoting something in Suffolk and things close to the boundary of Suffolk. Businesses and organisation with something to promote every now and again, you have 2 options: 1. You can go for the minimum option where you place a small add 150 - 200 characters on our Twult Promotion Page. 2. The second option is where you can extend your information on the Suffolk Days website and have your own associated Twult Promotion page with links to your website or booking website page.

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